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FAQ For Custom Gold Grillz & How to Buy Grillz Online.

1). How to Size My Teeth For Grillz?

  1. One of the main questions our clients want to know is if they can purchase grillz nearby or if out of state?  We make getting fitted for custom grillz easy as 1,2,3!  

  • Make your product purchases on the website.  
  • We Ship mold kits 2-3 day air to get an exact impression of your teeth. (With instructions, and video for doing mold kits at home). 
  • Ship mold kits back to Seattle Gold Grills with tracking number.
  • Once we receive mold kits back it takes 10-14 business days (Not including weekends) to complete your custom grillz order. 
  • Once complete we ship your grillz out 2 day air.   

Here’s our YouTube instruction video for doing your mold kits at home! 

2). Can I Get Grillz if I Am Missing Teeth?

a: Yes we have made grillz for people missing teeth, and always feel great when we see you smile! It is an extra charge to cover missing teeth with grillz as it is quite a bit more labor. We make it totally unnoticeable once you put your grillz on. Is quite a bit of work but we love it! These are not gold crowns that replace your missing teeth so you will need to order more than amount missing so the grillz have something to grasp and lock in.

3). Can I Get Grillz If I Have Chipped Tooth? 

a:  Sure just like our clients who are missing teeth we can cover up your chipped tooth with our grillz aka chipped tooth grillz! This might be one of our most requested services from clients all over the world. We can either cover up the chipped tooth and you won't even notice it when the grillz are put on or we can leave the chip showing in your grillz which our clients have often requested.

4). Can I Get Grillz if I Have Crooked Teeth?

a: If you have crooked teeth and want custom fit grillz that is not a problem!

In most cases our clients want the grillz to look natural even if crooked but in other cases want them to look straighter when they put their grillz in. We can do either way upon your request!

5). Can I Get Grillz if I Have a Retainer? Dentures? Braces?

a: Yes you can buy wear grillz over a retainer and dentures although if you have any tooth decay of any sort I would definitely get that fixed in advance.  If you have Braces you will need to wait until they are removed.  Our Grillz do not serve as tooth replacements they are considered removable teeth jewelry. Dental health should be taken very serious when wearing grillz so make sure to clean the insides of your grillz regularly. Brushing and Flossing are very important as usual!

6). Where Can I Get Permanent Grillz?

a: Unfortunately we as jewelers just make the teeth however we do have connections with a few local dentists who can perform the procedure.  Our grillz look permanent with the permanent deep cuts, and fit tight so they lock in no matter what you are doing! If you are very serious and ready to get permanent grillz definitely reach out!

7) How Long Does it Take to Make Grillz?

After doing your dental mold kit it takes us 10-20 business days to make your grillz depending on how much labor is involved.

8) Is Our Gold Teeth Real or Have Gold Plating?

Our grillz are 100% pure gold, and not gold silver or brass gold plated! Sterling silver with gold plating is available but only upon request. We offer solid yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, diamond cut, diamond dust, and all the styles for hip hop jewelry!

9)  Is Diamond Dust Real Diamonds?

An emphatic no!  lol.  Diamond dust is not at all real diamonds as I always explain to my clients that it makes no sense taking something valuable as diamonds and crushing them down into dust.  Diamond dust is basically another form of diamond cuts made with a diamond tipped tool to give grillz that extra sparkle effect like diamonds.  Silver Diamond dust grillz are one of our most sought after styles!

10)  What is The Difference Between Light Fangs and Long Fangs?

Like fangs are just slightly shorter than long fangs which extend further into the vampire style. Often our clients want their fangs just slightly extended but not long or vice versa.

We have been doing jewelry a LONG TIME! (Since 1976)

11)  Can I Buy Grillz if In Another State or Country? 

Sure you can!  We ship our grillz, and custom jewelry worldwide with Free shipping in the US!  International rates will be applied in the checkout.   

Here’s our YouTube instruction video for doing your mold kits at home.